Austrian Open: Finale zwischen Frost und Serme

Lucas won 3-2 against Mahesh, 12-14, 7-11, 11-4, 11-5, 9-5 w.o. Cramps… 67min

Kristian Frost bt Reiko Peter 11/8, 11/9, 11/2 45min

Top seeds contesting Austrian Open final.

The semifinals of the Austrian Open are decided. Lucas Serme was able to create a great comback after being 0/2 to overcome his opponent, fourth seed Mahesh Mangaonkar from India. The first game was a very long and thight fight between them, with Mahesh reaching the first game ball at 10/9. Lucas was able to recover from that to get to game ball himself at 11/10. But this time it was the young frenchman who couldnt benefit from it and Mahesh reached another game ball at 12/11, which Lucas saved another time. But at 13/12 to the Indian it was finally end of the game and Mahesh won 14/12.

From the second game on Mahesh seemed to get more in control of the match, with very clinical shots to the front. Lucas tried to extend the rallies, with no luck yet. Mahesh was able to get a 2/0, but from the third game on it was obvious that the intense game so far had taken it’s toll. Lucas was able to keep the pace up and the rallies going and things started to turn around.

The fourth was very on sided and with Lucas winning it 11/4, he was now back in the match. Mahesh could not really recover anymore and he started to show some fatigue, by stretching his legs more and more. Lucas kept going and took the fourth. In the fifth it was very obvious that there was no way around the frenchman anymore, and at 9/5 to Lucas, Mahesh had to retire with heavy cramps.

The second semifinal was a contrast. Though the first two games were very tight as well. The crowd was feeling for Reiko Peter, but Kristian Frost was a bit too strong then. The rallies took very long, and both players had chances to get a lead. After a 2/0 lead for the topseed Frost, it seemed as Reiko’s will was a bit broken and Frost could run away to a 10/2 lead, finishing his first matchball to save himself a spot in the final as well.

This means the final on Sunday will see the top two seeded players, Kristian Frost and Lucas Serme. Match start is 2 p.m. local time.

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